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Etched Glass Champagne Flutes


Merry Christmas!! Since most of you are probably reading this after opening presents and all that other good stuff, I figured it was a tad too late for another Christmas themed project. However, it would be just in time for a New Years Eve project! So for this week I'm going to show you how to etch some glassware to make some pretty cool looking customized champagne flutes. You could make some as a gift for the host of the New Years Eve shindig you go to, or you could even make them as party favors for guests for your own party! suppliesSupplies. 01Use a sharpie marker to rough out your design. I wanted to do a bubbly design. 02Use the puffy paint to block out the areas that you don't want to be etched. Apply it a bit thick so it will be easy to peel off later. Let dry. 03Here's what my champagne flute looks like after blocking everything out. It looks a little confusing, but essentially I'm going to apply the etching cream to the bottom half of the glass, carefully "coloring" inside the lines around the middle bit. 04Apply the cream in a thick layer with a foam brush. Also you should be smarter than me and wear gloves while you do this. This stuff is etching glass, imagine what it could do to your skin. Let the cream set for a few minutes. I've seen people say that they let theirs set for as little as one minute, but I let mine set for the long long time of about 20 minutes. 05Rinse off the cream under warm water and soap. Let dry. 06Peel off the puffy paint. This part is so satisfying! 07Admire your work!


I hope you all enjoyed this project! You can totally do any design you want to do this. You don't have to limit yourself to only New Years designs if you didn't want to!


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Cute Black Clutch Wristlet Thing

In the days before my friends bachelorette party I searched high and low for a semi-cheap black clutch or wristlet or purse to carry around with me.  For some reason this task was impossible, so a few hours before I had to leave the house I had the bright idea to make my own.  I had everything I needed here anyway, or so I thought.  I had a zipper, I had a tupperware full of fabrics I could use as a liner, I had some length of chain that I could use for the strap, but low and behold, I didn't have any suitable black material.  After the quickest trip to the fabric store that I've ever done, I was ready to create. And here it is, my cute little black clutch/wristlet thing.

The one key feature I absolutely wanted was to have the chain connecting to the zipper in such a way that it couldn't accidentally zip open while I was dancing or something.  The only way it could unzip was if I took it off of my wrist and unzipped it myself.

While I was out, unfortunately the chain worked its way out from the little loop on the side, but I was able to rig it back together with the help of my friends keys.  Haven't had any problems with it since!

Here's a shot of the inside.

Before I made this, I figured it would end up being a little throw away clutch that I would use only for this occasion, put away somewhere and forget about its existence.  In the end I actually ended up liking this thing quite a bit and plan on using it more in the future.