Cute Black Clutch Wristlet Thing

In the days before my friends bachelorette party I searched high and low for a semi-cheap black clutch or wristlet or purse to carry around with me.  For some reason this task was impossible, so a few hours before I had to leave the house I had the bright idea to make my own.  I had everything I needed here anyway, or so I thought.  I had a zipper, I had a tupperware full of fabrics I could use as a liner, I had some length of chain that I could use for the strap, but low and behold, I didn't have any suitable black material.  After the quickest trip to the fabric store that I've ever done, I was ready to create. And here it is, my cute little black clutch/wristlet thing.

The one key feature I absolutely wanted was to have the chain connecting to the zipper in such a way that it couldn't accidentally zip open while I was dancing or something.  The only way it could unzip was if I took it off of my wrist and unzipped it myself.

While I was out, unfortunately the chain worked its way out from the little loop on the side, but I was able to rig it back together with the help of my friends keys.  Haven't had any problems with it since!

Here's a shot of the inside.

Before I made this, I figured it would end up being a little throw away clutch that I would use only for this occasion, put away somewhere and forget about its existence.  In the end I actually ended up liking this thing quite a bit and plan on using it more in the future.