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Welcome to chezlin, a space where DIYers, crafters and art fans come to gain inspiration and helpful tutorials for their next project.


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chezlin showcases evergreen project ideas and tutorials which are ideal for brands to make their mark in the art, craft and DIY space. Videos are normally 9-10 minutes long, captivating audiences in Rachel’s project and ultimately, engaging with your brand for minutes on end.

Here at chezlin, we are open to collaboration and ideas, including:

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  • Custom Produced Content

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  • Sponsored Social Media Posts / Takeovers.

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About The Artist

I’m Rachel Carpentier, a crafter, maker, artist, etc. I’ve always loved working with my hands. Ever since I was a small child I’ve always been drawing and painting. As I grew older, I began to craft, build, bake, cook - you name it. 

I started this YouTube channel to show people the stuff I make and how I made it. The projects featured on my channel are a direct reflection of the kinds of projects I like to do. They can range from building furniture to nail tutorials.

One thing that I really enjoy doing with my videos is inspiring those who never have had the chance or confidence to use a power tool --they can pick up a tool and make things, too! 


Rachel and Jason Carpentier

Rachel and Jason Carpentier