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Knitting Up a Storm


Christmas is just around the corner, so what does that mean?  It's time to bust ass on your crafting projects so you can be done in time to give them out to all of your appreciative family and friends.  I hadn't knit anything in a while until recently when a friend asked me to teach them how to knit.  I've been working on knitting projects every day since.  I just thought I could write up a quick post and show you guys what I've been working on lately! This is a close up shot of the scarf I knit first.  I used a pattern I found off Ravelry.com but unfortunately even after digging around for it, I can't find the exact one I used.  If I come across it later I'll definitely post it. I actually messed up reading the knitting chart, but it still ended up working out.

I absolutely love how this one turned out.  It was my first attempt at blocking, and I think it worked out quite well.  I didn't really measure anything out, I just stretched and pinned, so some areas are kind of wavy but overall it looks good.  I used the Tiger Eyes Lace Scarf pattern I found on Ravelry.  Personally I think it looks more like owls than tigers.

This is my current project.  I found the pattern on, you guessed it, Ravelry, but I actually couldn't find the Ravelry link in my history- I could only find the direct link to the pattern.  So here it is!  It's actually grown about two feet since I took this picture.  It's quite a fast and easy knit.  I like how it's turning out so far.

Here's a close up of the knit.  It reminds me of rice. :)

I like to consider myself as an intermediate level knitter, I've knit some scarves, gloves, socks, hats... but there's one thing that will always scare me.  Sweaters.  It is my goal to knit a sweater soon.  Here is the one I'm going to attempt to knit: Hundred of sheep, but I decided that I won't start a sweater until after Christmas so I can use my time to knit more gifts for people.  Here's hoping I won't chicken out!