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Fancy Magnetic Pin Holder

I had never really thought too much about how I stored my pins.  I'd keep them in the little plastic box thing that they came in and of course, whenever I'd open the thing, I'd pull on it too hard and end up tossing pins all over my work area.  I would always tell myself I should really get better storage for them and finally I did.  While lurking around on the internet I found a few examples of people taking dishes and gluing a magnet underneath so you could toss your pins in it with no worries.  I thought it was brilliant and ran to Goodwill to snatch up a small dish to use!

Here are my materials.  A soap dish, a very strong magnet from an old harddrive and my handy dandy E-6000.

I had originally intended on getting a dish with a foot that was sunken in more so I could glue on the magnet and have the dish sit flush, but there weren't any dishes like that available and I wanted to make it NOW!  So I grabbed this soap dish will the intentions of cutting out the bottom with a dremel tool.  However, to my surprise, the magnet slid right in!

I somehow got the magnet back out and squeezed a good amount of glue inside the hole and put the magnet back in.  Using another piece of metal on the top of the dish, I guided the magnet into the middle.

So here is the finished product!  I love it, and the magnet is so strong I don't have to worry about the needles coming off at all!

One thing I like about not having to dremel out the bottom of the dish is that I can later hang it on the wall using the two holes.