Feathery Earrings

If you hadn't noticed, I've been in a crafting slump.  The other day my younger sister showed me some earrings she wanted to purchase for prom but she didn't like the wooden beads on them.  I guess my craft starved mind needed sustenance because before I knew what I was doing, I told her "I'll make you some!"

And I gathered my supplies...


And then decided I'd share the process with you all!

The materials: -feathers -jewelry findings -jewelry pliers -jump rings -spacers or beads -easily bendable wire -sturdy wire* -hoop template*

*These are optional - I made my own hoops because I couldn't find any big enough.

Here are the inspiration earrings.  From Asos.

Mark three inches from the tip of the feather.  See my earrings?  Made those to test this process out :)

Cut on your mark.

After cutting them I stripped the barb about 1/4" from the end.

Cut about 3 inches off of your bendy wire.

Wrap the wire about the end of the feather.  I got this technique from Corrine over at Craftovision(yaay, she's back!). Check out the video here to see how do do this.

Here they are, all wrapped up!

Here I took the sturdy wire and used the template to help shape it the way I wanted. Not pictured, I used my jewelry pliers to loop around one end of the wire.

I strung the feathers and spacers on and then looped the other end of the wire.

Connected with a jump ring.

Attached the earring finding and voila!


I sure hope they work for her!  I enjoyed making these earrings so much that I ended up making a few other pairs that I'm going to put up in my Etsy store, so if you want to pick some up then you can head over there!

UPDATE: I moved my store from Etsy over to Storenvy! The new store is located at: http://chezlin.storenvy.com/

Also, these earrings are sold out!