Self Portrait Project Update! #1

Here are the portraits I did for this week! (Well, the last 5 days, since I started last Thursday...)


Self Portrait 2.19.15


A while ago I started a "self-portrait-a-day-for-a-year" project and I never finished it. I don't even think I hit 100! I think I didn't set enough ground rules for myself, so I just gave up on it. I decided I wanted to start again, but this time with some rules I actually have to stick to.

The Rules:

  • must be at least 8x8 inches
  • any medium
  • must work from a photo or mirror
  • 1 hour time limit

So really, it's not that many rules. It's enough to give me some guidance but also not too many where I feel constricted.

Here's the one for today, 2.19.15:

Self portrait for 2.19.15photoshop/mirror

After this week, I'm going to go back to posting the roundup of portraits for the week, starting this Monday, 2.23.15. I will, however, be posting them every day onto my tumblr, so if you can't wait then feel free to follow me there!



Daily Self Portraits Update #7

Here are my portraits for this week. #55 is my favorite one.

#53 Photoshop CS6

#54 watercolor, India ink and acrylic

#55 Photoshop CS6

#56 watercolor and India ink

#57 India ink

#58 Photoshop CS6

#59 watercolor and acrylic



Daily Self Portraits Update # 5

Here are my portraits for the week! Enjoy~


#39 watercolor and gouache

#40 watercolor and gouache

#41 mechanical pencil

#42 watercolor and gouache

#43 watercolor and gouache

#44 photoshop CS6

#45 photoshop CS6



Daily Self Portraits Update #4

Man I totally forgot to update this on Tuesday. My schedule has been all messed up because I had to evacuate because of Hurricane Isaac! My boyfriend, my cat and I are safe, but the one road going to our apartment is flooded and the power has been out there for a few days so when we finally go home, we will be coming back home to a fridge full of bad food. :( But anyway, less about hurricanes, and more about portraits!

#32 CS6

#33 CS6 (it was my birthday!)

#34 CS6

#35 Pen and ink and white colored pencil

#36 CS6

#37 Pen and ink, watercolor and gouache

#38 Watercolor and gouache



Daily Self Portraits Update #3

It definitely doesn't feel like it's been a month already since I've started these daily portraits.

The top four are drawn in Photoshop CS6 and the bottom three are drawn in Corel Painter 12.


Daily Self Portraits Update #2

I can't believe it's already been three weeks of me doing these portraits. It feels like I just started yesterday! Well here are my portraits for this past week:

All of these are done in Photoshop CS6. The fifth one is actually a small animation that you need to click on to see move. Enjoy!


Daily Self Portraits

Ten days ago I decided I was going to start a year long project where I would do a self portrait every day. Each day I post them on my tumblr and each week I'll be posting a recap of the weeks drawings. So low and behold, here are my portraits, in a bunch of different mediums.
#1 ballpoint pen

#2 tria marker

#3 mechanical pencil and graphite pencil

#4 mechanical pencil

#5 pastel

#6 pen & ink and gouache

#7 pen & ink and gouache

#8 mechanical pencil

#9 black sharpie and gouache

#10 digital (CS6)