billed beanie


Late night crafting: Part two!

Well, I showed my little sister my new billed beanie hat, and she fell in love with it. I found her wearing it a lot after I had made it, so I decided to make her one today! (It's her birthday)

Here are the pictures! I took shots on my progress, so this post will look strikingly similar to my other late night post.

Dammit, I hate flash. Here's the sweater I cut up to make this hat.

Here are the pieces. Freaking flash... the blue isn't this saturated in person, it's more of a midnight blue.

Here she is wearing it. I don't think any of the pictures show the true color of this hat.

As you can see, I added a little more to this hat, which I like a lot. The sweater was a military sweater, so it had those little flaps on the shoulder, which I cut off, sewed together and sewed along the brim. I think it turned out pretty nicely. :) She already pinned on a bunch of pins we grabbed from the Maker Faire last year, but when I tried to snap a photo, my camera decided it hated me and died. (After I had stuck brand new lithium batteries in)


Late night crafting

This will probably be one of many late night craft sessions/blog posts. It's just a trend for me to start crafting in the evening.. Anywho, let's get to the meat of this post! After watching Threadbanger's latest video, I was inspired to make a billed beanie. Even though the video topic this week was male fashion, I liked the beanie too much to pass up.

I kind of threw together a half-assed tutorial... really it's just a few pictures of some of the steps to make the hat. If you want a really detailed explanation, please check out the video (the link above) because it will be a way better tutorial, haha.

Here's everything cut out.. Hehe, camo duct tape :)

Almost done! Just gotta sew the bill on!

And wa-la!

I love this hat.

So basically I'm going to make a lot more of these cuz I think they're just so darn cute ;) I already know a few people who I need to make some for!