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Hanging Plate Wall Decor

On my last trip to the thrift store, I found a great set of plates with botanical drawings of spices and herbs on them and I instantly knew I had to hang them up in my house. I love cooking and food  and, even though I'm not great at it, I love gardening and plants, so these plates are kind of  a nice mixture of the two. Like last week, I decided to make a video of this tutorial as well. Photo recap of the video will follow!

Supplies:01Note: paperclips and safety pins are listed as items you can use as the hanger for the plate, however I made my own out of wire, so that's why there are also pliers, wire cutters and wire pictured in the photo.

02 Shape the wire into the hanger. Basically making it into a curly, pretty upside-down letter V. That's all. Nothing more.

03Since my plates had a design that required them to be situated a certain way, I eyeballed it and marked on the back where I wanted to put the hangers.

04 Mix epoxy into disposable container. I used an old medicine measuring cup. If you're doing more than a few plates, like me,  you'll have to make a few small batches of the epoxy because it sets very fast.

05 Place hangers where you marked earlier and apply epoxy to the curled ends. Let cure for 24 hours(or per instructions).

plates Hang them up and enjoy!