The poor mans dress form

Soooo, not everyone has enough money to buy a dress form.. especially nowadays.  Luckily for those of us who would like one, it's not too hard to whip up a cheap one if you have the right stuff.  There are a zillion tutorials on how to make one for cheap.. whether it be with paper-tape, paper mache or duct tape.

My little sister wanted me to make a dress form of her, and I chose to use duct tape because the last time I had worked with paper-tape was pretty frustrating, and I didn't want to have to deal with it.  Plus we already had some duct tape anyway.  So, here are the photos that follow our dress form making journey.

The shirt wasn't long enough, so we used scrap fabric and just taped it onto the shirt so we could extend the dress form further down.  Also, on her neck we used toilet paper.

Overall we were pretty happy with the results.  Neither of us have yet to use it that much though.  Honestly, I'm considering doing a paper mache dress form just so I don't have to deal with sticky pins from the residue from the tape.