Ay Sus!

I'm Filipino-American so I know a few silly Tagalog words here and there that my mom says now and then.  My little sister and I like to combine some of these words to make completely nonsensical phrases.  One of these gems is "Ay sus ginoo, sapatos puwet kugmo!"  Any Tagalog speaker now should see that this doesn't really make any sense, but that's the point!  "Ay sus ginoo" is an expression.. kind of like saying "oh my god."  I'm often greeted with that expression from my mom when I'm just goofing around the house.  The rest of it is literally, sapatos= shoes, puwet= butt and kugmo= booger.  So yeah, as you can see, it makes no sense.  Spanish speakers may notice the influence their language has had on Tagalog. Anyway, the point of this post is that my sister and I wanted to make shirts with this phrase on them.  We would always talk about it, but never really do anything, so randomly I decided I was going to make mine at least... I didn't know what shirt she wanted to use, and I didn't know if she approved on the final layout of the letters.


Here's the printout.


Here it is after I got to exacto-knifing.


I spray-adhesived that sucker down.


Then I sprayed black spray paint everywhere.  Notice that I had to do some more masking off with tape to avoid overspray.


The finished product.  There's a little overspray on the neck, but I can live with it.  I loved how it turned out anyway.

So that concludes my experiment with stencils and spray adhesive.  I've done stencils before, but I'd always just kind of hoped they'd stay in place... I finally got my hands on some spray adhesive and used it!  Since making the shirt, I've kind of abused it.  I just threw it into the wash and dryer without setting the ink or anything, and it bled and smudged a little, but whatever, I'll still wear it.