Cassette tape coin purse

So, many of you know that I make cassette tape wallets.. After a few weeks of using mine, I found out that they're not ideal for storing lose change.  It slides out of the sides when you unzip it causing you to scramble around on the floor to collect your change.  Or maybe that's just me.  In any case, it inspired me to make a coin purse version of the cassette tape wallet.  I wanted a metal purse frame clamshell thing as a closure instead of a zipper, but I didn't want to pay 5+ bucks for one (yeah, I'm cheap) so that was really the only thing holding me up from making one.  However, after cleaning my room the other day I found an old wallet which happened to have a coin purse attached.. perfect!  The wallet was already falling apart, so I just ripped the frame out and got crackin'. These are my materials:


a cassette tape, a metal purse frame (I'm not sure of the size because I just ripped it out of that wallet) and fabric.

And here is what happens when you throw all those things together:





And that's it!  I really like how it turned out.. I want to make more but I don't know where else to get those purse frame things... I'll just have to keep searching!