Cassette tape wallet, then and now.

About 10 months ago I made a cassette tape wallet after I was inspired by some that I saw online. They were on sale for $43 and the first thought in my mind was, “I can make that for less!” So that’s what I did. :) Here’s some pictures of it when it was freshly made.

The point of this post wasn’t just to show you all my wallet, but to show you guys this wallet after 10 months of use and abuse from me. I had my doubts whether it would stay together because all I did was glue everything.. the zipper, the fabric.. I figured the first thing to go would be the zipper, because of the constant zipping and unzipping that this thing would have to take. Fortunately, to my surprise, this thing has kept up pretty well. :) It’s showing a little bit of ware because of some minor cracks at the bottom, and the text on the cassette tape has been rubbed off.

Here are some pictures of it now:

You can barely even tell text used to be there!

Another angle.

Unzipped, with all my goodies inside.

Showing the inside with my grubby, dirty art hands.

The ugly bottom of it. The glue shows, but that’s just because I was impatient when I made it, and I didn’t take the time to make it less noticeable. You can also see how some of the edges are cracking.

This one shows the cracks the best I think.

And thats it! For those of you who want a tutorial, I will be posting one soon (Posted!), after I post the tutorial for the travel set I made.

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  • Marisa

    very interesting!

    • Chezlin

      Thanks! :)

  • Kate

    I came to your blog through stumbleUpon, and just wanted to say keep blogging! I bookmarked you and look forward to seeing more of your crafts! I even sent the towel/bag tutorial to my Mum! :P

    • Chezlin

      Thanks! I’m glad you liked my blog. You should send me some pictures if you or your mom end up making the towel bag. :)

    • Mindy

      I do stuble upon to and came here through taht too cool

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  • Dennyce

    WOW. wikid awesome wallet! Defiantly original. How did the tape get the cracks?

    • Chezlin

      Thanks, there are cracks just because it’s been used every day since I had made it. There’s only cracks at the bottom and top edges.. none along the whole thing. All the cracks are just visual eyesores, nothing that makes the wallet unusable.

      • milica

        LOVE it so i am so gonna make chears so gonna make it love all the other things you make

        better be more on the way

        thanks once more

        bye bye


        • Chezlin

          Thanks! :) Glad you like my stuff!

  • sir jorge

    these are awesome! now i know what to do with my cassette collection

    • Chezlin

      Why thank you! :)

  • Natalie

    amazing. I want one right know! But it’s 11 at night… I’ll make it in the morning! :] <3

  • Jazzy

    I am totally going to try this. It looks dope!

  • Ivy

    can u tell me what kind of glue u used? i try as u said, but failed. cz i can’t glue the fabric w/ tape together.

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  • Dofollow

    Cool! my kid will like it. Where can I get one ?

  • Joe Tavel

    I “Stumbled” across this page – Very Cool! Going to add it to my list of things to try. Wonder if it would work with an 8-track tape (although I don’t know where one would find an 8-track these days)!

    BTW – there’s a link at the bottom of the post that goes to another post with directions (for the person who wanted to know what glue was used). I replied to this post as it was the actual one that the “Stumble!” button took me to.

  • Ken Richards

    Another Stumbler passing through!

    Can’t believe that this doesn’t have more stumble votes. My girlfriend now wants one! LOL – Going to have to dig through some old boxes to find some cassette tapes.

  • Frankie

    Perhaps using a spray on clear coat would help keep the text from rubbing off.