Daily Self Portraits Update #4

Man I totally forgot to update this on Tuesday. My schedule has been all messed up because I had to evacuate because of Hurricane Isaac! My boyfriend, my cat and I are safe, but the one road going to our apartment is flooded and the power has been out there for a few days so when we finally go home, we will be coming back home to a fridge full of bad food. :( But anyway, less about hurricanes, and more about portraits!

#32 CS6

#33 CS6 (it was my birthday!)

#34 CS6

#35 Pen and ink and white colored pencil

#36 CS6

#37 Pen and ink, watercolor and gouache

#38 Watercolor and gouache


Nail Polish Mondays: Monotone Lightning

I stumbled upon this tutorial for super cute lightning inspired nails, and I knew I had to do them.

This is another manicure that I did a while ago, so I don’t remember what the black polish is, but I believe it was just some cheap polish anyway.  The silver was Sally Hansen “Pedal To The Metal.” The grey is Zoya Polish “Kelly.” 

Nail Polish Mondays: Birthday Edition

My birthday is on Thursday, so for this week I’ll be showing off my birthday manicure that I gave myself last night. I didn’t really have a plan in mind, I just kind of grabbed two random polishes and went to town.

I used Sally Hansen’s Pedal to the Metal and Milani’s Silver Dazzle. I also used Seche Vite for the top coat, which was awesome because I was able to pick up my knitting needles and work on my knitting project with practically no wait time. I love that stuff.

Hope you enjoy!

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