Hey guys! Today I’m going to show you how make some nice Halloween decorations with paper mache. I found some small paper mache skulls at my local craft store, and yeah, they’re not too pricey, but once I saw them I knew I wanted to make some on my own. I figured I could put a bit more personality into them, and I think I succeeded. I made two types of skulls; one that’s a bit cartoony looking and the other a tad more realistic. I also made a little jack-o-lantern as well.

This tutorial is best viewed in video format, however I’ll provide some video stills with captions after the video!

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I’ve always kind of toyed with faux-upholstery because I’ve been too intimidated to try a real project.

I was always scared that I would end up taking the fabric off of the chair or couch and then immediately become overwhelmed and then push the torn apart furniture to the corner of the room and avoid it for weeks or months while I try to regain enough courage to attempt it again.

I ended up finding this awesome tufted wing back recliner chair at my local thrift store, and before I even had figured out a way to get it home (no way it would fit in my little sedan) I had already bought it. I mean, I couldn’t pass it up. A recliner chair that didn’t look like and ugly lump? Of course I wasn’t going to let it go! If I had to carry it back home I would have. Thankfully I was able to have a friend to come with a truck. Which is great because I also nabbed a great credenza that was half off… but I digress. When I bought it I knew I was going to have to reupholster it. It was covered in a blue pleather/vinyl type fabric that had a strange/gross thin film of… something over all of the chair. It was pretty bad. Since I wasn’t going to be able to re-cover it right away, I ended up just scrubbing at it with a bunch of cleaners to get as much of the film off as I could.

399299_10103433185306000_1860770004_nI tried to find a picture of it before I started the project, but this is the only one I could find. This is it in my living room.

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On my last trip to the thrift store, I found a great set of plates with botanical drawings of spices and herbs on them and I instantly knew I had to hang them up in my house. I love cooking and food  and, even though I’m not great at it, I love gardening and plants, so these plates are kind of  a nice mixture of the two.

Like last week, I decided to make a video of this tutorial as well. Photo recap of the video will follow!

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I’m going to start this post off with an apology. Half of the pictures I took were taken with my phone’s camera and they’re not the best quality, so I’m sorry for that. Pretty much all of the “making of” shots were taken with my phone and then I went back afterwards with my nicer camera and got some better shots of the finished product. I’m planning on making another one of these for my little sister so I’ll take some better pictures of that one.

I’ve been seeing some really cute backpacks lately and I got bit with the bug to create. Most of the backpacks I saw that I liked were made of leather so I decided to take a page from my own book and use an old leather jacket from the thrift store. After searching far and wide for the perfect jacket, I finally snagged one from my local thrift store, along with two belts that I planned to use as the backpacks closures. I believe the cost for these three things was about $15 or $16.


I dug through my existing fabric and whatnot and was able to find fabric for the lining, some batting, some vinyl and a zipper for the inside pocket. Then I got to sketching what I wanted my bag to look like and after finalizing it I wrote myself a little shopping list, taped in some swatches of the leather jacket and liner fabric and went off to the store. I ended up just buying thread and grommets and just cannibalized some old unfinished purses for the swivel lobster clasps and D rings.



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*dusts off this ol’ blog again*

Hey guys, it’s been quite a while since my last post and a lot has happened since then. For those of you who would check up on my blog to see if I have been posting, thank you for checking in and I’m sorry I abandoned this thing for so long. I have quite a few projects to post and many ideas churning in my head, so I should be back to posting normally soon, so please stay tuned!


Oh look, yet another interesting fruit that I’m going to try to grow! My fiance and I had decided a while back to periodically buy fruit that we’ve never had before in order to expand our fruity horizons. Not long after that I got bit by the gardening bug and I decided to attempt to sprout and grow each fruit that came through our house. This was limited to the fruit I managed to find at our local grocery store, but last weekend I discovered our local Asian supermarket and, oh man, I was in exotic fruit heaven. They had jackfruit (yes, whole ones), mangosteen, rambutan, lychee, the terrifying yet intriguing durian and many, many others. We ended up just buying one type of fruit that day – the dragonfruit.


Aw yeah, look at that. So beautiful. I did some research and apparently these guys come from a cacti! And not just any old cactus, but a tropical one. What. How weird. Read More →