Oldie but Goldie: Boo table

When I was a freshman in college, my mom bought me a table to somehow fit into my tiny dorm room.. It was ugly and white, and my roommate and I knew we had to do something to make it fit into our room better. See, we were both artsy people so a plain white table in our colorful room would not do. My roomate brought a carpet one day and after situating the table on top of it, we knew what we had to do to the table.

Here’s a blurry picture of what we did:

(Thats my messy ass side of the room) We used electrical tape around the side of the table so it’d be black instead of that weird brown.. it made it look more finished.

But it doesn’t end there!

I went home for the summer and the table came with me. My roommate and I decided to room together again that next year, with the addition of our next door dorm neighbor, and the apartments we chose had outdoor patios so I got super excited and decided to convert the table into a nice patio table fit for college students.

Here’s my sketch:

It’s Boo! I used precut glass tile things from Hobby Lobby for Boo, and I used broken mirror pieces for the area around him. (They from our dorm… they weren’t originally in the room, we brought these mirrors… no destruction of their property, I promise!)

Here’s an in progress shot:

My older sister and I working on the table.

Before grout and inside.

After grout and outside.

So, after I made this, we went up to Austin to get our keys for the apartment and discovered that our particular apartment didn’t come with a closed off patio.. we just had a kind-of-big-but-not-really area at our front door.. which I didn’t feel comfortable leaving my table out at. So the tables ultimate destination that year was my sisters boyfriends apartment in his nice closed off patio. And now the table is sitting outside of my room with a nice fake glass bonsai tree sitting on top of it. I can’t wait for the day that I can actually use it as an outdoor table!

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  2. i miss this table. it fit so well on our patio. i remember nice rainy nights when i would go outside and burn a nice candle on the table while i smoked my sherlock holmes pipe and sat there in meaningful contemplation.

    thank you. i owe it all to you… and boo.

    • Haha thanks. There was a lot of planning involved, with Boo, so it didn’t take long to do him.. the mirrored pieces just kind of fit together haha. We just took mirror pieces and shattered them in the back yard, gathered the bigger pieces and used those. It probably took an hour or two to glue everything down.

  3. It also took very careful handling of the shards of glass. There’s probably a safer way to do it but hey!

  4. Im confused. It seems like you were going to go into a tutorial about how you made that plain white table look like the abstract table in your picture… but instead go into a boo table tutorial. possible mistake?

    • Nope! No mistake. If you read my little “story” in between the pictures I explain why I posted the pictures that I did. It’s basically like a before and after kind of thing.. I would have posted a picture of it before we even painted the squares on it, but unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it then.

      Thanks for visiting! :)